Bikini Ready Smoothie

I just finished my spring cleaning. No more dreadful heavy coats and sweaters, my closet and I feel much lighter already!

Every summer I’ll somehow find a way to go near the water like Moana,  I’m sure so do you! However, I am no where near bikini-ready, I really think winter made me overeat to gain a thick layer of fat to protect myself as a natural selfdefense reaction…

Jokes aside, now that I have a gym buddy, Lana, we’re determined to make a change.

Here’s a quick sweet skinny smoothie to help you slim down while nurture your body!

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*If you know a good tapas place in nyc please let me know!!

The only tapas spot I’ve been and love is Stanton Social, but I want to try new places.

V and I were searching for food after the snow storm last month. No surprise, our options were limited because not many places were open.

After flipping through pages of Yelp review, we stumbled upon Andanada – an innovative Spanish restaurant with live jazz – conveniently located close to a Showtime movie theater where we later watched Get Out.

Both the food and movie were excellent!

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