After graduating from college, going to the school library to do my work isn’t ideal,

staying home is even worse. as a result I’d end up going to that same old coffee shop for days.

Not motivative at all.


I was desperate to find a space where I can breathe and focus on works while not getting bored of it.  A cute little app Breather came into my life, and boy is it a game changer!

Basically, it is the Uber you use to rent a space for a reasonable price or FREE <Once you download the app, by using my code (TA5VAH)  in the setting, you get to use a free hour ;) >

It’s not a sponsored post, I’m simply doing it because I find it useful, new, and fun!

First, you book it online. Until it’s time for your booking, the little green button on your app will glow. Simply tap it to unlock a code which will allow you entering the room.

This one is at 36 Gloucester, right next to Cafeteria. However this room doesn’t have AC. I definitely don’t recommend to book this room in summer, neither winter. Imagine how cold it’d be with out a heater?!


It’s big enough to stretch out though, or roll around the floor.IMG_3601

But first, let me finish applying jobs and do works…IMG_3597

There are several options on Newbury and Cambridge, depend on your needs you can choose which ever fits your taste.


It’s mostly office space, which you have to follow the rule *you can do anything you’d do in an office. ;)

Don’t be naughty now, it is an ideal app for people like me who actually needs a space to focus.

Forget the humid-steamy-hot environment of the room, it is cute and vintage looking with a jar of toot toots!





If you need a breathe from life, or need a space for meetings, this is a perfect option!

Here’s another room I did a lil shoot with Mr.Jonathan.


This room is wayyyy better, with A/C and a better view of boylston st.




Please let me know what you think if you end up trying this app! & Is there any alternative place I could go besides using Breather?