You know that restaurant right by the street you always walk pass by and have wondered about but never had a chance to try it? Tapeo is one of them on my list. Gigi and I just happened to walk by it and we decided to give it a shot also to kill our curiosity.
G was only a dairy free then, so it was much easier to order. The fried goat cheese was for me and we shared the rest of the plates. My lamb chop was a bit over cooked, the cheese was great but I was done with it after a few bites. The best was the beet salad, not because I was a vegetarian for two years but it was the right amount of dressing and perfect combination of beet roots, the heart of palm, tangerine slices and arugula.  Over all it’s a cute place if you fancy to have a catch up with friends, it is a nice place to go.

My beautiful roomie.

and fried goat cheese

potata brava


Lamb chop is literally my fave… I always order it and it never failed me.