In honor of the holy holiday spirit, I want to inform how grateful I am to have friends in the land of America to share tears and laughters together all these years, who have also supported all of my decisions including the dumb ones, and of course have always caught me when I fall flat on my face… multiple times. We’ve witnessed the growth in each other and I can’t wait to share many more good memories with you all.
Ps.You know who you are and I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

This thanksgiving has been the best I’ve had so far, we spent the dinner at Zoran and Daniela’s with their friends and family. While Daniela was preparing the feast, we munched on traditional Serbian snacks and chatted away.

Let me refresh you, the goal of holidays is to eat until the food is up to your throat, then you rub around your tummy to make more room so you can eat again. Me and Ana are such pro at this, but mostly is because the food was sooooooo fantastically amazing! We both really needed this hommie loving feeling after being away from home.

Zoran is literally the funniest guy I’ve ever met this entire year, he has the kind of humor that cracks you up without being mean, and that’s real skill my friend!

Daniela’s special home made raspberry tiramisu, Zoran made fun of it but then ate two huge slices… men…
Zoran and Daniela told us some old stories of Serbia, their lives back then, and of course some very interesting love stories. If you really want to know, you just have to come hang out with me and I’ll tell you all about it ;)