Umm, a mermaid and unicorn themed wellness coffee boutique? Hell yea! Let me soak myself there 24/7.

Thanks Instagram, again for your majestic recommendations so I stumbled upon this magical place.

You know me, I’m a health freak, also sometimes a junk freak. When I see something healthy and/or delicious, I’ll be on my way.

The moment I saw The End of Brooklyn’s insta page, I was determined to go there.

Dress: Zara, similar below.

^ Use the arrows ^

I’ve been thinking about making crystal infused water for a while, I guess this is a sign :p

Will let you know how it goes once I try it.

They sell all kinds of stuff, essential oils, natural body scrubs, super soft tshirts, crystal jewelries and food.

It’s also filled with cute quotes, what a picture perfect insta shot!

Anyhow, before you go all the way there you need to know:

  • Just because it’s called xxx latte does not mean it has caffeine in it
  • The price is $9 for a small cup
  • The taste is very light that I couldn’t tell what’s in it. When I asked the barista what’s in it, he was startled and told me “a bunch of healthy ingredients” so I had to do my own research:

Basically everything is plant-based and used natural sweet ingredients such as strawberry, dragon fruit, hibiscus and schisandra berry, the purple foamed coconut milk is infused with blue green algae and marine collagen.

For extra health benefits they bedazzle the drink with golden flax crumble, kelp flakes and vegan sprinkles on top. This one is topped with (maybe vegan) sugar.

All in all it was a beautiful and healthy beverage.

I was happy with my purchase but wouldn’t go all the way to Brooklyn just for it.


Would you like to try this?