I love contemporary art, it’s very creative and it makes a lotta people feel like they can be artists too. Let’s be real for a moment, if a blank canvas can be presented as an art piece, I think we can all start an exhibition of our endless doodles in class or at work and call ourselves the next Van Gogh.

That’s the beauty of art, it’s all about expression and how you make people feel, the limit truly doesn’t exist.

The Whitney Museum is known for its wide range of American contemporary art.

It has 8 floors and 6 of them are filled with amazing pieces.

You can find Amanda at her instagram here.

How people used to party…

I absolutely love the details of this one. Her diamond rings is shiny as ever.

Whitney is between the highline and hudson river, you get a great view on every floor.

I’m not gunna spoil any more of the cool arts, it’s def a place worth going.

Pick a sunny day to go and have lunch near by.

We loved the Santina just next to the museum.

A very delicious Italian spot with fresh seafood.

You have to try the chickpea pancake.

We ordered the spice calabrian tuna to go with it. Best decision ever!

You put the sauce (which I completely forgot what it’s called, but I could tell it had sun dried tomato in it) and tuna on top of the pancake, you can then either roll it and eat it or just cut it and eat it.

Amanda had pesto tortellini and I had shrimp zingara.

I’m definitely coming back for this!


I will see you very soon with a new post!