Funny story, I have a habit of journalling and as I was showing mom my journals from 2008, I had put Tibet on the very top of my to-go list.

It only took me 9 years (lol) to finally make it come true.


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With only a week of planning, mom and I flew to Lingzhi to meet up with our driver.

(Driver, car, entrance tickets are all booked from here.)

Tibet is HUGE, the whole time we were either running in our car or at a must-see sightseeing spot.

Thankfully, the views are breathtakingly beautiful along our journey.

Tibetans pile up rocks to pray for safety travel.

There were tiny rock stacks everywhere in the mountain.

Our first stop was Yarlung Tsangpo River.

It’s the longest river of Tibet and the highest major river in the world.

Def worth visiting.

There were vendors selling traditional Tibetan jewelries along our way up the mountains.

I’m not sure about the quality but they sure are pretty to look at.


These colorful little flags are covered in prayers and mantras.


Here’s a great view of the river.

I wish you could hear the gurgle, burble, splash and feel the cool humid air.

My impression of Tibet so far was raw, wild & authentic.

Here’s a happy cow:

As you can probably tell, our first day was amazing yet exhausting.

Mom and I bought some saffron once we got back to the hotel then headed to a tibetan dinner.

According to our tour guide, this stone pot of soup is packed with amazing and exotic tibetan ingredients that basically does wonder to your health.

Hmmm, it tasted great but not sure if I felt any anything different. :p


Until my next post!