Day 2, headed to Lhamo Latso, a holy oracle lake where you can see your past life.

The local tibetans and monks come here to seek visions to see past and future.

And the senior Gelug sect monks come here for visions to assist in the discovery of reincarnations of the Dalai Lamas.

We left the hotel 7am and started our 3 hour driving to the lake.

This time we bumped into some cute creatures!

To be honest, you’ll definitely need to bring bottles of oxygens.

Red bull helps some people, but definitely not me. I was feeling nauseous after one sip.

We arrived to the mountain where you can “watch” the lake.

There was another 200 meters to climb. I thought it would be a piece of cake…

It was snowing on top of the mountains.

Not the best time to come here.

It was the hardest climb I’ve ever experienced, not that I climb a lot.

The wind was freezing, rocky paths were slippery, oxygen was light, I was on the edge of saying “fu*k it” and heading back to the car.

Just as I sat on a rock and ready to head down, a doggy ran to me.

It was biting my sleeves and dragging me of the rock.

I’m such a dog person, couldn’t resist this pup and kept on going up.

There were birds flying in slow mo because of the pressure and high altitude.

What a funny scenery!

The mountain top was surrounded by clouds which made it almost impossible to see the oracle lake.

Follow the direction of my finger, that’s where it supposed to be.

People were so disappointed.

So was I. 


I stayed up there for half an hour, hoping the sun would come out.

But it did not.

This is the best shot I’ve gotten that day.

And here’s how it should look like when it’s sunny.


Well, it is what it is.

Stay tuned for more updates!