Tibet is filled with lakes and mountains and they are considered spiritual lives to Tibetans.

You might have seen so many just from my previous posts (if you haven’t, check it out here & here).

But they’re not the same.

Yamdrok is one of the most beautiful and one of the four holy lakes.


As usual, we woke up super early, got in the car and ready for hours of drive to Yamdrok.

Not a bad view from the car!

We stopped along the way to appreciate this breathtaking view!

It’s the yaluzangbu river.

The drivier had told us a lot of cool and surprising stories which I can’t share in public.

Please remind me when you catch me in person :P I’ll tell you all!

One thing I love about Tibet is that dogs are treated nicely, and they are literally everywhere!!

3 hours later, we have arrived!

It felt like the clouds were  just right above our heads. Which they were…

Those yaks were such majestic creatures!

They were domestic therefore friendly to approach.

Soaked up the sun and high vibration, we were on our way to lhasa!

Until my next post! Ciao ciao!