After days of climbing the mountains, we finally made it to civilization – Lhasa!!

But who knew it was only more climbing and walking awaits us. No complains tho, we just. really. needed. oxygen.

We checked in to a boutique hotel in Bakuojie, it’s an old neighborhood in Lhasa filled with color, amazing food, and traditional shops!


Tashitakge was the chosen one after hours of research. This hotel is close to everything. But most importantly is that the facilities in this hotel are modern!

Trust me, you’ll want to take a proper shower after days in the wild.

We were greeted by the hostess with cups of warm tea.

How cute are those cups?!

Mr.Tiger was also nice enough to come out and greet us…

(if you don’t like cat, don’t live here because I assure that you will after meeting this charmer :p)

Our room was on the top floor(4th).

With “extreme” thin oxygen in the air, it felt like 40th floor.

The interior was impeccable, every corner you turn is a piece of art work.

There’s also a roof top, inside was a restaurant.

They served breakfast buffet here.

Mom and I were tired but we were even more excited to see this city.

With a 20 mins short nap(more of a lay-in-bed-and-played-our-phones for 20mins) and we were on our way to advanture!

Everything is so new, different and super interesting to us.

We first stopped by this famous tea shop – Guangming.

Tibetans and tourists are literally packed here day to night. Not only because the milk tea and food here are yummy, but also the cheap price. You can get a cup for a cent, in RMB (divide that in 7 for dollars).

Yep… Great deal!

We quickly finished our cups and kept on with our journey.

Second stop, another famous spot. This time is food.

A noodle shop where I waited an hour in line…

Was it good? Yeaa!

Will I wait again? Nope.

There’re so many noodle shops in town, I was told they’re pretty much the same.

Mom and I are obsessed with jewelries, so we had to stop and pick up some tibetan styled necklaces.

This shop was super cute.

You can customize it with your own design.

By the time we finished shopping, we were ready for dinner.

Believe or not I found this restaurant on trip advisor… (here)

We had lamb chops (super high rating but too salty for our taste), cucumber salad (love love love).

These potato dumplings were amazing, soft on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside and dusted with seasoning.

And a side of Tibetan noodle.

It was alright.

We finished our night viewing a beautiful water fountain show in front of the potala palace.

It was marvelous!