Long history short, Potala Palace was built by a Tibetan emperor and generations of Daila Lama resided there (except the current one).

Now the palace is open to Tibetan Buddhists and tourists to pray and admire Buddha statues and the tombs of past Dailas. Oh trust me, their tombs are not like any ordinary tombs, they’re magnificent, dripping in gold and exquisite jewels.

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside so please use your imagination, or see herehere .

We had plenty of time to sit down and have breakfast while watching the palace afar from our rooftop.

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Although we live near it, it was best to take a taxi to get there.

It was the highest palace I’ve ever been…

We climbed for a good 20mins.

So you get a free permission ticket to enter the base of the palace, then once you climb up you can purchase the real tickets. This way, if you can’t climb up you don’t need to pay and you’ll miss out a great tour.

I had to take off my sweater because the sun was literally above our heads.

Being too close to the sun can be painful.

The tour (with a tour guide which is an extra cost, but totally worth it) lasted for almost 2 hours.

We were starving by the time it ended and raced to one of the most delicious restaurants in town – MajiAmi.

It’s inside of Bakuo Street, we made our way through the crowds and finally arrived!

We started off with fruity sweet wine.

Those below are books off feedbacks for the restaurant.

Perfect fried veggie rolles.

The chicken masala was super tender and tasty.

Mom’s favorite was baked mushroom sprinkled with yak milk cheese and chili powder.

We strolled back to our hotel for a much needed nap!


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