I know I know, spring break has past a week ago but to me it feels like we were just there yesterday…
The bright sunlight dusted a golden color over our skin and the salty water waved our hair. Time went by swiftly everyday when we were at playa.
Some nights we cooked our own dinner and others we discovered several fun restaurants. Remember that Cuban place where everyone appeared to be a pro dancers on the open floor?

They even had a cool band playing right there!

 The food was amazing. I had fish with cuban salsa, fresh and tender, tho I wished it could be a bigger portion.(I’m def americanized in many ways lol)

After dinner we would go home have a quick rest, and then it’s time to mix our own drinks! Trust me, when it comes to this, we get real creative ;)

Normally we don’t go straight to the clubs after pregame, that’s for lame people. We have to take a TON of selfies in order to make our night complete and perfect. :p

Yes, after we took our “photo shoots”, then it’s time to hit up the clubs and say what’s up to MEXICO!!!

Did I forget to tell you our motto of the trip? If you don’t follow me on instagram you probably don’t know, it is “Donjuliochillieando” See, I’m not Brazilian and I can type this without a hesitance. Donjulio does the magic I can tell you that ;)