Jungle with a Cat

Do you get this feeling when you stuck at one place for a long time so you don’t feel like moving at all?

It happens to me all the time, but once I leave the place and travel to a new place, it feels extremely good.

I know, travel can be expensive but it’s so worth it.

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Miami {Part 2}

Last post from this trip, I hope my blog is able to bring you with me visually! :p

I hope in the near future I will be able to post 3D contents that allow you to see, smell, touch, and hear everything that’s going on in my 2D posts at the moment.

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Artisan in Key Biscayne


Artisan, Artisan, Artisan, the only brunch spot in the Key! We were literally there EVERY single day.

I mean the food was delicious and the juices were fresh, we have nothing to complain except they don’t serve brunch menu after 12PM… No Bueno!

The truth is, it takes a long time for ALL of us to shower, get dressed, get ready, check our Instagrams & get out of the house.

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Happy New Year 2017

First thing first, happy 2017! Oh My Goodness we have made it to another year full of opportunities!

Some may have experienced a rough 2016, but let’s be honest each year has its own challenges and prizes. 2017 may be a brand new year but you should still come prepared. :p

For me, I want to love more, create more, learn more and do more; complain less, stress less, and talk less.

What’s on your list? Let me know in the comment and we can encourage each other and raise up together  <3

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Gran Ceneto

This view was absolutely stunning, almost unreal.

When I first googled the Gran Ceneto, I thought it was photoshopped like that perfect McDonald’s burger you see on TV.

This vivid blue is unfiltered, every drop of the water is beautiful the way it is.


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Tulum Day 2

As I promised in my last post, please sit tight and let’s begin!

I found Azulik through a series of Instagram leads. Yea, it’s one of those where you have to keep clicking on the photo which leads you to another photo that tags a person instead of the place, so you have to keep following the leads until you find out where the heck is this paradise.

Well, I’m a sweet soul so I’ll save you some time,  here it is!

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