Perfect Off-Shoulder for Summer

Everyone’s wearing off-shoulder for the past 2 years. My very first memory of this style was from Princess Diana (HERE) and she totally nailed it.

I think it’s absolutely beautiful with elegance & sexy without too revealing. I’ve seen so many ladies wear it and it seriously looks good on any girls and any body shapes.

I have one too many of them but they’re all necessary! HERE, HERE  & HERE.

Pants: Topshop, HERE & HERE

Sunnies: Rayban, HERE

Shoes: Elie Saab Couture, similar HERE

Top: Below

You probably already have a few in your closet, but just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.

Am I right? :p

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New Favorite Dress

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Elie Sabb baby blue suede platforms, similar //  Zara dress // Sunglasses 

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The last day at Lhasa mom and I spent it in relaxed fashion. Just strolling around town and buying gifts.

It’s so hot during the day and the sun set around 10PM, so we usually left the hotel around 6PM, the gentle afternoon sunlight was all that we could handle.

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Tibet {Part 5} Potala Palace

Long history short, Potala Palace was built by a Tibetan emperor and generations of Daila Lama resided there (except the current one).

Now the palace is open to Tibetan Buddhists and tourists to pray and admire Buddha statues and the tombs of past Dailas. Oh trust me, their tombs are not like any ordinary tombs, they’re magnificent, dripping in gold and exquisite jewels.

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside so please use your imagination, or see herehere .

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Tibet {Part 4} Lhasa

After days of climbing the mountains, we finally made it to civilization – Lhasa!!

But who knew it was only more climbing and walking awaits us. No complains tho, we just. really. needed. oxygen.

We checked in to a boutique hotel in Bakuojie, it’s an old neighborhood in Lhasa filled with color, amazing food, and traditional shops!


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Tibet {Part 3} Yamdrok Lake

Tibet is filled with lakes and mountains and they are considered spiritual lives to Tibetans.

You might have seen so many just from my previous posts (if you haven’t, check it out here & here).

But they’re not the same.

Yamdrok is one of the most beautiful and one of the four holy lakes.


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Tibet {Part 2} Lhamo La-tso

Day 2, headed to Lhamo Latso, a holy oracle lake where you can see your past life.

The local tibetans and monks come here to seek visions to see past and future.

And the senior Gelug sect monks come here for visions to assist in the discovery of reincarnations of the Dalai Lamas.

We left the hotel 7am and started our 3 hour driving to the lake.

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Tibet {Part 1} Yarlung Tsangpo River

Funny story, I have a habit of journalling and as I was showing mom my journals from 2008, I had put Tibet on the very top of my to-go list.

It only took me 9 years (lol) to finally make it come true.


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