We decided to go see the finals last minute.

As much as I wanna see Federer but he didn’t make it to the finals and Nadal is just as good.

So, it’s our first time seeing the opening and we had no idea when it’s the best time to arrive. So we completely believed whatever articles we read on google. And I hope my experience can give you a better idea of what’s happening.

We bought Arthur Ashe Stadium day pass and we weren’t sure when is the best time to be there.

Couldn’t find any info on google.

But it depends on what game you want to watch and you can arrive at your preferable times. We wanted to watch the men’s single final which was at 4PM, we got there at 2:30PM.

Shopped some souvenirs and had a late lunch at the food court.

Some articles online comment that the food is bad and extremely pricy.

This piece of information is outdated. There are so many different food stands and they are the same price which you spend in the city.

Except for water, my friend, it’s always expensive for some reasons. (not cool)

I’d say just have vodka instead, Greygoose stand makes a mean cocktail :p

Oh and you get to keep the cup engraved names of all US Open champions.

Bill Gates was there. Tiger woods was there. Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, and all the old wise people.

I didn’t know much about Keven Anderson before this game.

He was very good as well. 6.8 tall which gives him many advantages.

You know it’s a great game when the whole crowd make “oooh”s & “ahhhh”s in unison.

Nadal won the championship with a strong score.

We took the train back to Manhattan and went for Naruto Ramen for dinner.