Oh yas, I went to a vegan festival and it was amazing ;p

The fest took place in Randal’s Island, I have never been here before, very cool little island if you like riding bikes or jogging.

It has a unique view, almost like a mini dumbo with everything smaller, the bridge, the skyline, etc…

Sunday was beautiful, with a diamond sun hanging in the sky.

My favorite part? All the dogos are out!

… and they’re in a stroller…

I’m very into health and wellness, veganism is something I’m interested in and still learning more about it, which is why I’m not commenting much on it right now.

But one thing I’m certain of is that vegans are amazing, compassionate and loving people, at a big festival like this you will not see any pushing or yelling. It was the cleanest, freshest, happiest event I’ve been to.

Some fried chicken…

Tacos with tofu filling, they were so delicious!

I recently fell in love with combat boots, they are such a strong statement and can be worn with almost any outfit!

Giving your look a touch of toughness which I like.

He drew this for her.

How adorable! I love love.

Some venders that were sooo goood, people were willing to wait for hours to get it.

If you’re vegan, I def recommend to go next year.

If you’re not, you should def go check it out next year!

Did I mention some vegans are smoking hot?? Yea, go people watch, you’ll love it.