Spending my last bit of summer in Costa Rica.

Nothing better than making new friends in a new country, enjoying new conversations and connections.

This lovely lilac dress is from topshop but somehow I can’t find them online :/

Go to the store and see if you’re lucky! It’s super pretty in person.


Let me introduce, this is my hot companion Cosmos, a gentleman who hates cuddling.  But I force him anyway.

It’s rainy season right now, sunny in the morning and stormy in the evening.

Catching the sun becomes my favorite hobby after eating nonstop. :p

It’s so green everywhere, of course great beauty of nature comes with great amount of insects.

I find myself dodging starving mosquitos, all kinds of bugs I know and don’t know most of the time.

But you know what, I freaking love this place!


More posts will be up soon!