Fuck it, I packed up my bags & moved to NYC on a hot summer night. The start of my limelight new life.

After attending to the Givenchy show during NYFW, I decided I’m not leaving here.


JK. Above statement is just a thought whispered to my ear from a little devil who sits on my shoulder and gets me into all sorts of troubles… Don’t listen to him..

I’m still in Boston! Tadaahhh! Hit me up for brunch!

Even though I haven’t left this city, everything has changed.

I’ve downgraded from student-class to working-class, no more ripped jeans and making excuses for being late to everything.




At least you know where to find me :p

(ps. same number & same instagram..)IMG_8010  IMG_8038

If you’ve missed me, or wanted to know more info about life after graduating, give me a call or leave me a message here. We shall have some “deep” convo, kids.