Happy Sunday!

There’s nothing better than hanging out with good friends in a cute restaurant on a beautiful weekend!

The interior of While We Were Young is going to steal your heart, ladies and gents. Check out there insta here.

Just like most brunch places in the city, it’s first come first serve. Be prepared to wait up 15 – 45 mins.

It’s worth it. Wink wink.

There is a lovely coffee shop right around the corner called Joe’s Estate.
Grab a cappu and enjoy the good weather, the waiter will call you before you know it.

It’s a small but cozy place.

And one thing I LOVE about west village is that you don’t need to have cash.

I’d pick west village anytime than the east.

I went for avo toast and Lana had egg florentine, we shared a truffle fries.


My egg was slightly over cooked, the yolk did not do the sexy dripping.

But overall, it tasted delicious.

They have purple salt!

This is a must try!

We took a walk around the neighborhood…

… and found a very good looking gentleman named Enzo sitting at his best posture!

This fluff of happiness is waiting for you to visit him at Laura Lobdell, a new york based jewelry shop right next to While We Were Young.

Her jewels took inspiration from champagne – bubbles, celebrations and love!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I did!