I LOVE whole foods, it’s a wonderland to any healthy freaks, I can spend a whole afternoon in there, looking through fresh organic fruits & veggies to skincare products.

It just never gets old.

Button Dress, ZARA HERE

My grandma has an organic garden and let me tell you, everything looks so perfect from that garden just like what you can find at whole foods. Maybe that adds some sentimental value for me :p

It’s even more enjoyable when the weather is nice, and I can take a stroll there.

I’m wearing the comfiest button dress ever.

Easy enough just throw it on and get outta the door in 2 seconds but also super chic :p

Don’t get wrong, as much as I love this big chain corporation, farmers market is also somewhere I like to visit. Just look at those juicy summer peaches!!

Which one is your favorite famers market in nyc? I’d love to check them out!