“Clair, do you have snapchat?”

“No” I can answer that shamelessly. 
I’m alway busy updating wechat (a chinese media device) to connect with my family and friends in China, and using facebook to social in the U.S.  
Now add up instagram, twitter, and weibo(another chinese twitter thing), I can’t wrap my head around all of these madness.
So here it is my nice little blog that everyone can see my updated story. Facebook can only show the pictures I took but not the stories behind them. Just look at this picture!
You might assume we’re just having a delicious dinner. But the truth is this girl took a huge bite of some crazy mexican hot sauce, and she’s dying of a burning mouth. She had to eat whatever left on our plates to sooth her swollen tongue. :p 

Anyhow, here is Aldea Thai.  A very fine unit right by the mamita beach. As the name, it is a very Thai place. You can see many stone Buddhas statued everywhere inside. Which make me feel safe living there, as a good chinese girl my mama has always told me Buddha will protect me wherever I go. I guess she was telling the truth ;)
As you climbed up those stairs. It’s like a hiking especially when you’re drunk. The lobby leads to another staircase. 
Are you following me?

And we have a beautiful pool with a little handsome Buddha sitting there meditating and watching cute girls in bikini!
 After settling down, we’re ready for some beach and coconut!


 I have to admit coconut is the super nut, every bit of it is so good for people. Even the shells can be made into necklaces.

 I have so much to say, and so many pictures to show you, but school is a jealous Bxxch, she wants my full attention 24/7 it’s ridiculous!