Crystals are important? But they’re just rocks, what makes them so special and neccessary?

That’s how I felt years ago, tho I always appreciated their beauty. Aside from their good looks, crystals are literally everywhere in our lives… They are used in building computers, cellphones, appliances, satellites and so on, because of its incredible ability to transmit energy and store information.

It’s not only necessary but impossible to live without crystals in modern time. Just between you and me, I admit I cannot live without my phone. Just saying…



Aside from the boring scientific side, crystals’ abilities have been widely used for health and wellness since ancient times. By that, I mean crystals are old, like millions of years old.

Can you even start imagine how much information they’ve stored since earth’s formation?

Exactly, you can’t! Crystals are full of history, cultures and healing properties. And you absolutely should get your own to further a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some basic and must have crystals:



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You often see restaurants and shops have a giant amethyst geode sits in the corner of the room. That’s because amethyst is known for its protection property. Amethyst gets rid of negative energy while it brings creativity into the space it shares.

Put this beauty under your pillow or near your bed to get rid of bad dreams ;)



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It’s good for anything! Clear quartz is very powerful and it harmonizes and enhances other crystals. It’s best to use for raising high frequency and connecting with higher self (or in other words, intuition).

Amethyst is kind of like vanilla ice cream goes with everything. I highly suggest keeping a clear quartz in your medicine bag along with other crystals. You can do meditation with them by holding clear quartz in your left hand (receiving), a crystal of choice in your right hand (giving), visualize what you want to enhance based on the crystal you choose (for example love and support with rose quartz).



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Ah, the soft pink already melts my heart. Rose quartz enhances self-love, compassion and unconditional love. It brings emotional balance, whenever you feel anger, jealousy and/or sad, simply hold a rose quartz. It’ll curb the low vibrational emotions and bring them up.

Rose quartz is also great for skin healing. Put them in a spray bottle with a few drops of essential oil to make a facial mist! Or you can get a beautifully aromatic rose quartz spray online.



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“The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.” — Coco Chanel

Citrine is the abundance crystal (there are many other crystals for prosperity and success, let me know if you want to share more), it also assists with personal power and leadership. I’ve heard and eager to try a thirty-day Abundance Altar: put citrine on a stack of 100 of fresh $1 bills on your desk. You can add additional items to boost the manifestation such as a money tree or someone you look up to in business. Then sage your alter while visualize your goals.

Thoughts are extremely powerful, I’m sure you’re aware of that. So if you don’t wanna go overboard for the altar, just hold citrine in your hand and do the meditation.


Now you have it!!

But before you get into all the fun manifestation, you MUST clean and activate your crystals.


Wash with salt water (preferably in the ocean); burry in dirt; smudge with sage; bath in full moon!


Simply tell your crystal, “I now activate you.”


You can find more info regarding cleanse and activation here.