Ever since I was little, I was aware that everyone around me drank hot water through out the day. Of course my brother and I were the odd ones growing up, we loved icy cold water, the colder the better. Mom has always wanted to change our bad habit but we didn’t listen.


Funny how life always comes back in a full circle. This summer I changed my drinking habits and amazing changes happened, my skin cleared up, I lost weight, no more unnecessary bloating (thanks GOD).


Always listen to your mother, kids!

Ever wonder why Asians have beautiful hair and skin?

Well, keep reading!


1. Detox

The heat from hot water will increase your body temperature and help you sweat out the toxins. That’s why it’s common to drink hot water first thing in the morning with empty stomach, some people even put lemon juice in it to give it a little extra kick.

This way can also help with constipation… Yea, if you are dreaming of those Instagram flat stomach you better start drinking hot water in the morning.

I know I am!


2. Weight Loss

Hot water breaks down the adipose tissues under your skin, in another words it burns fat. Not to mention It also helps with your digestion, another reason why it helps with weight loss.


3. Blood Circulation

Warm/hot water helps circulation of the blood based on middle school physics.

It’s especially helpful for women during periods because the heat from hot water has calming and soothing effect on the abdominal muscles.

*In China, women from generations put brown sugar and ginger in hot water to ease menstrual pain. Give it a try ;)    


4. Skin & Hair

Once your blood circulation is in flow, digestion is going smoothly, while you’re sweating out all the toxins, your skin has no other option besides glowing! Hot water warms up the body and hydrates every cell which will give you a rosy complexion without needing makeup products.

Every hair strand is comprised of 25% water. Hot/warm water hydrates and stimulates hair cells which improves hair growth.

The trick is not drinking it for a week or whenever you feel like it, this has to become a part of your lifestyle.


* Beautiful people such as Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Naomi CampbellCameron Diaz , Beyoncé , Gwyneth PaltrowOh, and Tom Ford! They all drink hot water.

Now you have it!


I know I know, it can be hard to drink water let along hot water in hot summer. But here are some ways to help you spice up your daily intake of hot water!

  •  Add Saffron 

This one is my favorite!

  • Add Dates and Goji Berries

The ultimate golden water a girl can ever have!

  •  Add honey or Any Kind of Tea!


Of course, a set of beautiful cups can help!

I personally use a thermal cup and bring it with me EVERYWHERE.



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