I change my beauty products as the season changes.

Simply because our bodies are easily affected by the environment, it’s important to keep the food you eat and the products you use up to date in order to maximize your health and happiness.

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My everyday main focuses are my eyes and my lips. When you interact with another person, they tend to look into your eyes and at your lips (if you’re flirting :p ) most of the times. Therefore, I cannot live without my lip balms and eye cream.

I prime my lips with Jo Malone Vitamin E lip conditioner before I do my makeup and before I go to bed. (Here)


And I use Moroccan Magic lip balm throughout the day, it’s organic so I put it on as much as I need and as often as I want. I especially love to use it when I do a red-lip(as you can see from the first pic, the result is impeccable). It not only moisturizes my lips but also leave a matt finish after I apply any lipstick.

Ps. They will be selling it at Wholefoods soon!  (Here)


I apply Korres Wild Rose brightening eye cream to erase my dark eye circles in the morning. I think it’s better to fix the problem than cover it with layers of concealer. (Here)


Kora Luxurious Rosehip Oil saves my skin in the sharp dry winter. I also like to prime my face with it before a heavy makeup. (Here)

IMG_1419 My go-to eye pallet is the Two Faced / Naked Eye, it’s perfect for everyday as well as going-out, or I use my finger to tap on some Mac/ Tempting for a everyday look. (Here) & (Here)


Givenchy has my all time favorite mascara, it’s my holly grail for the past 2 years. (Here)


Also, I’m trying the new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, the only reason I got it is because it supposed to curl your lashes. (Here)WVPD6113

Clair Zhan


Since my skin has gotten better, I went back to Chanel’s perfection lumiere velvet foundation. I like how light it is so I don’t feel as if I’m wearing anything. (Here)


Chanel lipstick is delicious, that’s all I’m gunna say. I love wearing it, smelling it and eating it LOL. (Here)


A blushing cheek can conquer all problems. No matter what blush I use I always go back to NARS Orgasm. (Here)


Lip polish from Dior, I prefer matte lips but if I ever go for a glossy look, this is it. (Here)


Again, my absolutely favorite brow product is from Anastasia. I’m sorry I don’t have anything exciting for this one. (Here)


I hope you enjoyed this post! Please recommend me a good everyday moisturizer and a winter perfume! I’m obsessed with skin care and scents.

Have a great WEEKEND!