I still remember when xmas first spread to China, I was in elementary school and my brother was in a westernized high school. Mom would always take us to shop xmas cards for his teachers and gifts for us just for the sake of the trip.

When I started living in the US, xmas didn’t impress me much either. I got a Bible from my Christian home stay, and it was in Chinese. However, I can’t deny I do love the holiday spirit when putting up xmas tree and decorations, also the food. It’s very traditional in China that elder family members give money to the kids, my parents have always been given me little extra money during holidays.
This year is the same to me, besides that I had to use a part of my xmas money on unlocking my apt (I locked myself out right after thanksgiving break when I came back from LA). I know, what a tragedy. Being a college kid isn’t always burritos and alcohol, we have struggles too.
But shhh, don’t tell mom. She’d be very upset at how many stupid mistakes I would make yearly :p
I hate to talk about disappointments, but my dream sneakers from allsaints are sold out.
Here’s the link to my winter sadness. If you want them too, we can wait together.

I mean look at this fendi monster bag!! he reminds me of Kenzo ;)
Here’s the link
Don’t get me start with this jacket from acne studio…  I really don’t have much style when it comes to winter wear. The truth is I’d rather wrapped up like a dull fat burrito than being cold.
Have you picked out your NYE dress yet?
And let’s wrapped it up with the sexiest scent of giorgio armani prive cuir amethyste