Whether you’re flipping through a magazine or newspaper, there’s always a section dedicates to a monthly horoscope report.

It’s cool to read but not always resonate with you, and sometimes it seems to be far from reality.

Well, that’s because you’ve read it wrong.


How? You may ask. 

The report you read is only based on your birth date which is where the sun is on that day( your sun sign). The sun travels through 12 horoscopes in 12 months each year, the month you’re born indicates your Sun sign. You’re right, it is impossible everyone who’s born in that month is experiencing the same thing.


Your sun sign represents your personality in front of public. Find out how to know someone instantly by their sun sign here.

Your ascendant is the sign represents your life and identity. Find out your ascendant sign here (it’s free).

Once you enter the time and place of your birth, you’ll get a chart with numbers and signs around it like below (this is Trump’s chart).

The first house labeled “AC” is the ascendant sign. *FIY: Trump’s AC is a virgo, no wonder he’s a workaholic.

Now what? 

Now you know your AC. Whenever you read a horoscope report, make sure you read your AC, the report for your AC signals future events and juicy detail in love, health, wealth and travels. My favorite monthly report is written by the best astrologist – Susan Miller -on her website AstrologyZone.

Let me know if you have trouble finding your AC!

I’m a Leo AC, what’s yours? I’d love to know :p