hem heemm, about the tittle. Most of my foreign friends have a hard time pronouncing my Chinese name and somehow they turn it into the word Zoo… Just a funny fact,  on to the NEXT!!

As human beings we travel to different places to learn different things or simply enjoying the diversity of that place. Well my friend, Zoo is that holy ground where you can reconnect with mother earth and your fellow animal inhabitants without actually marching into the safari in Africa. Or you can do that instead if you’re that much cooler than the rest of us.

But before that, it’s brunch time!!
we arrived at this really popular spot which I sadly forgot about the name… the waiting time was 2 hours…

I got a coffee while waiting for everyone to decide.

We eventually gave up and ended up at a this American style restaurant where I ordered garlic mussels for breakfast. Why not?

Tyler right next to me had pizza. hahahhaha why not?

Thalia actually got a normal breakfast…

Hi I love you!
 Just kidding , bye! (typical)
Look at this cutest lion!
 I don’t know about you but  Mr.Panda and I went for some shots last night. Clearly he couldn’t make it up this morning lol
(I don’t trust words, not even action. But I never doubt patterns.) I was referring to this when I post my intagram. Did you guess it?
Lastly, what da fox say????