A very first world problem amongst Uber gets lost or wifi isn’t working… “Where should we eat for dinner?”

In a city like NY with every cuisine that you can imagine, it can still be surprisingly difficult to choose and you somehow always end up somewhere “typical”.

Typical and delicious.

When I first moved here, I had a hard time being on time.

You live & you learn. I’m as good at calculating the traffic these days as I calculate tips.

I raced to Zuma in full speed while enjoying a view.

We had our rsvp at 10PM.

I’ve posted a few pics at Zuma in Miami during new years, if you fancy to see click HERE (scroll all the way down).

The menus are slightly different but the quality is the same.

Loved my Leechey Martini while I waited for F & M.

Oh yeah, the rare occasion when I’m on time is when the others are late ;p I don’t mind at all but funny how life works.

We placed our orders right away as our tummies growled.


We started off with some rolls that M ordered, they were yummy.

And ebi no tempura.

Shrimps fried to perfection with lime and chili mayonnaise on the side.

The insta famous gyu no tataki.
Sliced seared beef with pickled daikon and fresh truffle dressing with truffle slices.
Zesty and fresh.

Our main was the rice hot pot called kinoko no kama meshi.

 It’s vegetarian with mushrooms and japanese vegetables

Perfect to share between 3.

Did I ever tell you we are dessert monsters?

Well yea, no matter how full we are, we always have room for dessert in our tummies.

Don’t you feel relatable?

Ask for the signature chocolate cake, it’s not on the menu.

We also ordered the banana cake with coconut ice-cream.

Yep, devoured every bit.

And ready to discover where to go next weekend!


I really enjoyed Zuma, great atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food in small portion.

Definitely a good place to bring a date!

After all those deliciousness, we were ready to dance away the calories!

Started from Vandal. It’s one of favorite spot.

And ended up at Up & Down.


There are so many places I would love to show you, stay tuned darlings!



Make your rsvp at Zuma HERE.