Coffee at Ralph’s

The beauty of living in new york is that you can always discover new things at new places, sometimes old places.

I stumbled upon a coffee spot inside of Ralph Lauren and it’s pretty cool.

Next time when you crave a good coffee while shopping, your option is not limited by Starbucks :p

(I do not like starbucks, but I’ll have it when I have no choice)

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Girls Weekend at Vandal

Better late than never?! This post has been waiting in my draft list for quite a while, and now it’s time to shine.

My current situation: running between my crazy work schedule and school, fit in 6 hours of sleep at night, feed myself three meals a day, papers need to be done, finance is killing my brain cells, calculating the small amount of free time to weather squeeze in a few TV episodes or do squats…

I am panicking for my panic attack.

This is when I question myself, why do you work so hard? Go back to that carefree girl you used to be, things still turned out pretty good.

Sometimes it’s good to relax, reflect and restart.

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Thanksgiving at Il Buco

How did your Black Friday go? I hope my last post with all the discount links helped you, if you haven’t seen it it’s here. (FYI it’ll also be helpful for your CYBER MONDAY) :p

You know that feeling when you ate a whole village and now there’s no way back, so you sorta give up on life and just keep on eating and eating? Yea, that’s me too and I love it. We might have to do a little post holiday detox together again tho, yes again, we did pretty good 2 years ago remember? (here)

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Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

Ahh, what is more exhausting than holiday shopping?

I don’t even want to think about Black Friday. Are you going to stay up and cramp yourself into stores full of crazy people?

I know I’m not! I’ll be in my bed with my laptop on and shop ONLINE with a glass of wine and some dessert next to me.

It’s almost 2017, let’s use the internet wisely. :p

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SoHo, Pho & Banh Mi

Sunday is my favorite day, not because I love Monday but because being lazy for 24 hours, catch up with life and take deep breathes in central park feel absolutely amazing.

I used to live in downtown Boston, close to a very good Pho restaurant. When the temperature drops nothing beats a good bowl of hot pho.

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