Eileen Fisher – Simplistic Style

Right at this moment, there is a man in Japan using a unique technique weaving a very special material, 100% cotton. Soon to be shipped to the US and made into beautiful clothing that is only available at Eileen Fisher.

Clean, simplistic, quality are the three adjectives I would use for Eileen. They are comfortable enough for everyday and also versatile for the office.

Clair Zhan, the eye traveler, Eileen Fisher

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Tiffany & Co.130th Anniversary

As my co-worker Jeannie invited me to stay at her apartment due to an unexpected event that had, unfortunately, happened to me in recent weeks. She also extended an invitation to the Tiffany’s 130th Anniversary held at the store on Newbury st.

Every cloud has a silver lining!

We not only got to try on beautiful sparkly diamonds, but also met the chief gemologist Melvyn Kirtley himself!

clair zhan, the eye traveler, Melvyn Kirtley

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Masa Is A Must Go


I can’t keep this little secret any longer so I have to tell you: Masa really has the best brunch in town!

Grab your friends and lovers this weekend, order as much fries as possible… because yas, it’s that GOOD.

clair zhan, the eye traveler

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Watermelon Salad

Some unexpected events have happened to me past week, the situation has forced me to slow down my steps.

What’s the best came out of it? I finally have time to share a CHILL recipe with you!

In Greek style. Super easy!

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