Brooklyn Bridge & Cafe Habana

We all know that one place where we have visited many many times but it never gets old.

Crossing through the Brooklyn bridge is like getting a full tourist package, you get to walk around dumbo drooling over all the chic restaurants you pass by, stop thirty times on the bridge to try to take that perfect photo with no one on the background (which is almost impossible), but most importantly, you feel as you’ve shed a few pounds of fat once you get off the bridge!

It’s truly therapeutic.

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ABC Kitchen

Time flies! The first time I came here was 2 years ago with the same friend Anabanana, you can see it here.

But little did we know we’d end up living in the same city now, life is a mystery and I love every bit of it!

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Pink All Day

Just like Audrey Hepburn, I also believe in pink!

Fifi tagged me in an Instagram post one night, it was this ALL pink restaurant. She asked if I’d go with her, I said yes without a blink.

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New Year at Tao

Don’t forget we all get to celebrate 2 new years, solar new year and lunar new year.

Needless to say how creepily accurate Chinese 12 Animal Astrology is (based on the lunar calendar), celebrating the year of rooster is quite symbolic and important because let’s be honest: we’re so over 2016, the bastard brought us to our knees!

Check out my post on how to navigate rooster year here.

Anyhow, getting another chance to be “New Year New Me” is pretty awesome, especially if you haven’t followed through your new year’s resolution, it’s time to restart. :-p

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3 Things You Need to Know About Rooster Year

Farewell Monkey year and hello Rooster Year!

Monkey year was quite unpredictable, a little bit unstable and somewhat feisty just like the monkeys. You’re right, Rooster year also shares some rooster traits. Interesting huh? Hell ya!

Here are 3 things you need to know about this Rooster year to not only smoothly navigate through another 365 days but also use them to your own benefits.

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