Bouqueria – Soho

Woop woop! It’s been quite a while but I’m back. I really missed my blog, did you?

I have to admit, I’ve been distracted by work, school, delicious food, endless parties and attractive men with class (wink…). Not complaining but some beauty sleeps are much needed!

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I always believe in the importance of staying in touch with mother nature, smell the flowers on your way home, feel the tree that you pass by everyday, listen to the birds sing and enjoy the beautiful planet we’re living in.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden shares the same principle as me, which is inspiring people in all ages to stay curious and connected to nature.

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NYC – Metro Flea

I got lost in NY streets searching for a Citi Bike station. It’s everywhere but you just can’t find any when you need it. I was a bit frustrated, hungry and super late to meet with Soninia for our bike date…

90 degrees got me sweating from places that I didn’t even know I could sweat from. Soon a lucky star stroke me, some people were walking their Citi Bikes and told me to follow them as they’re heading to a station nearby. I followed closely but quickly captivated by the smell of sizzling delicious tacos … surprised? nope!

Instead, I followed the taco smell and it led me to a street full of people, tents, antiques and FOOD!

Yea, I arrived at the flea market(street)!


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Gran Ceneto

This view was absolutely stunning, almost unreal.

When I first googled the Gran Ceneto, I thought it was photoshopped like that perfect McDonald’s burger you see on TV.

This vivid blue is unfiltered, every drop of the water is beautiful the way it is.


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Tulum Day 2

As I promised in my last post, please sit tight and let’s begin!

I found Azulik through a series of Instagram leads. Yea, it’s one of those where you have to keep clicking on the photo which leads you to another photo that tags a person instead of the place, so you have to keep following the leads until you find out where the heck is this paradise.

Well, I’m a sweet soul so I’ll save you some time,  here it is!

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Tulum Day 1

Oh yes! I’ve conquered all troubles and made it to TULUM!

It’s my second time visiting here but it’s my first time staying in this magical place for a few days.


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Yellow Dress

I dug out an old yellow dress as I was organizing my closet.

This love & lemon lacey dress is so beautiful and sensual that it deserves a post of its own.


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