Gran Ceneto

This view was absolutely stunning, almost unreal.

When I first googled the Gran Ceneto, I thought it was photoshopped like that perfect McDonald’s burger you see on TV.

This vivid blue is unfiltered, every drop of the water is beautiful the way it is.


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Tulum Day 2

As I promised in my last post, please sit tight and let’s begin!

I found Azulik through a series of Instagram leads. Yea, it’s one of those where you have to keep clicking on the photo which leads you to another photo that tags a person instead of the place, so you have to keep following the leads until you find out where the heck is this paradise.

Well, I’m a sweet soul so I’ll save you some time,  here it is!

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Tulum Day 1

Oh yes! I’ve conquered all troubles and made it to TULUM!

It’s my second time visiting here but it’s my first time staying in this magical place for a few days.


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Yellow Dress

I dug out an old yellow dress as I was organizing my closet.

This love & lemon lacey dress is so beautiful and sensual that it deserves a post of its own.


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Glass Talk

Thanks to all the young fashionistas & kanye west, wearing sneakers to clubs is no longer a wishful thinking and you don’t need to be a model to do so.

So what else is fun to wear these days? Glasses!

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La Esquina – NYC

Let’s taco bout deliciousness, shall we?

La Esquina makes some cracking good Mexican food, so good that they’re no longer just a taco corner on the street. Other than their famous taco stand for quick pick-ups, they’ve developed a sit-down cafe and a fancy lounge in the basement.

FYI. You must make rsvp to get into the lounge.

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By Chloe Vegan Restaurant

Vegan is cool, and healthy is trendy. Hallelujah 2016!

9 out of 10 people you know can probably pop out words like”quinoa”, “acai”, “kale smoothie”. The awareness of healthy lifestyle exploded since 2013 (based on my observations) and now this lifestyle has matured and embedded into many people’s lives.

I personally love all kinds of food and I’ve noticed my body reacts differently when I consistently consuming fresh and organic products.  It makes me feel more energetic and happy!

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