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I went to NY to pick up my I-20, unfortunately it wasn’t ready on time so I had to cancel my trip to Mexico.

I still shed a few tears just thinking about it.



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Light Lunch at Select Oyster Bar

As the months gradually heating up, my diet becomes lighter. If you follow the eye traveler for a while you know that I’m always the first person to eat a burgerpizza, or tacos… But in the summer, my body automatically switches into light mode with huge cravings for vegies, fruit, smoothies and seafood.

Select Oyster Bar maybe the best little joint that makes delicious light lunch in town. My boss took me there and I fell in love with it immediately.


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Reflection Room

Go! Go before they take it down.

Museum of Fine Arts is always full of surprises. If you look carefully, you may discover the hidden brunch spot near those Egyptian mummies.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon something cool like this mirror room!

FYI* To make your life easier, this room is in section M11. (Trust me, you’ll need guide to lead you there :p )

clair zhan, the eye traveler,

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